Top 10 Best Pancake Batter Mixer in 2021

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For many people, baking can be a great way to have lasting memories with friends or family. However, any tasks with a batter would easily make you feel confused due to many reasons. It is easy to leave a trail of drips on the counter when you move the cupcake batter to a cup from the bowl. Another problem can be uneven pancakes that burn inside the pan. Even worse, the cleaning step can be time-consuming and boring. Fortunately, you can avoid most of these problems with a good batter mixer.

A batter mixer is designed to keep the batter and allow for even distribution. It can prevent the messy task of transferring batter so that you would cook uniform pancakes. However, not all baking recipes are the same? Which batter should you choose for your kitchen? In this guide, we will show you the top 10 best pancake batter mixers. Let’s check it out.


List of Top 10 Best Pancake Batter Mixer in 2020 

10. Whiskware Pancake Blender Batter Mixer Wire Ball Whisk

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Kneading dough is an important step to produce delicious and quality batches of bread. Previously, bakers had to wake up early in the morning to knead the dough to prepare batches of bread for everyone. However, with the help of this Whiskware pancake batter mixer, bakers are less hard-working today.

Besides, the structure of the product is uniquely designed to have the ideal size for easy use by customers. This makes the dough inside is well and thoroughly kneaded. On top of that, this item can also make you extremely satisfied by the convenience and speed it offers. In addition to contributing to the delicious pancakes, this unique batter mixer is also highly effective in dough making some of the other popular dishes, such as making pizza.

Product Features:

  • Eye-catching and bright colors
  • Simple to clean regularly
  • The heat resistance is optimized
  • Ergonomic and convenient to use
  • Small and compact for easy carrying

9. KPKitchen Baking Tool Pancake Batter Dispenser Home Food Easy Pour Gadget Mixer

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The elegant pancake batter mixer from KPKitchen is created to help users more convenient in mixing dough, especially in bakery facilities with great daily dough needs. Not only reducing labor, saving time, but also improving efficiency and productivity. Equally important, using this product will save you the most time. Moreover, it possesses a relatively large area to be able to mix a significant amount of powder at the same time. From there, you can easily serve meals for a large family without any difficulties.

What is more, this kitchen appliance is made of high-quality materials so you can rest assured that it can accompany your family for years in a row without showing any signs of damage. Besides the outstanding advantages listed above, convenience is an outstanding feature that cannot be ignored. The structure of this luxurious product is described as both delicate and simple so that even beginners can easily control and use it. With just a few basic movements without the intervention of bulky tools, you can knead the dough to a great smoothness.

Product Features:

  • The color scheme is elegant and eye-catching
  • The design is ergonomic and functional
  • Using area is relatively spacious
  • The structure is strong and durable
  • Easy and simple to use

8. Norpro Pancake Batter Dispenser Mixer

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This versatile and sophisticated design is a pancake batter mixer manufactured by the Norpro brand. The elegant appearance is one of the main points that help the product attract the attention of customers. This also helps the surrounding space is embellished with more luxurious lines. On top of that, this kitchen appliance is introduced as having a unique structure specifically designed to minimize the amount of extravagant batter. Therefore, the mess will no longer cause you trouble.

In addition, it is equipped with a firm grip for you to feel comfortable holding and controlling. Thanks to these outstanding features, beginners can feel extremely simple when adjusting the smoothness of the dough they want. Plus, moving products to different locations will also take place quite quickly and smoothly when it is quite compact and ergonomic.

Product Features:

  • Easy to measure and clean
  • Comfortable to use and control
  • Suitable for many different spaces
  • Compatible to process a variety of cakes
  • The material is durable and sturdy

7. Chuzy Chef Pancake Belgian Batter Dispenser Plastic Tool Batter Measuring Label Mixer

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This product made by the Chuzy Chef brand is an elegant pancake batter mixer with both delicate and versatile design, which helps your kitchen space somewhat more luxurious. It is also introduced as one of the most effective low-cost appliances for you to make family meals more diverse and attractive. Not stopping there, these materials are also compatible with quite a lot of different types of batter to support you to the utmost in creativity when baking.

Besides the outstanding advantages which are listed above, an outstanding feature of this product that cannot fail to mention is the convenience. This saves you a considerable amount of time and effort. And yet, you can simply clean it after each use to both improve food safety and hygiene and make the product look glossy as new.

Product Features:

  • User safety is optimized
  • Customer service is pretty good
  • Suitable for many different types of bread dough
  • Simple and convenient to use
  • The color scheme is subtle and eye-catching

6. Acrodi Pancake Batter Perfect Measuring Label Baking Tool Cupcake Mixer Dispenser

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This versatile kitchen appliance is a pancake batter mixer from Acrodi. The eye-catching and luxurious color scheme is one of the most outstanding advantages that make the product attract a lot of customers’ attention. With such a delicate appearance, this item will definitely make the surrounding spaces embellished with elegant lines in a unique way.

This special equipment is equipped with a crank to make the dough become ideal, making the cakes more fragrant and delicious. In addition, it possesses an ergonomic and versatile design that makes it convenient to carry it with you on occasions such as camping or picnic. Last but not least, premium materials ensure that no impurities are mixed into the pancake batter during use, thereby improving food hygiene and safety.

Product Features:

  • Colors are bright and eye-catching
  • The design is unique and classy
  • Handy and simple to use
  • Easy to clean regularly
  • Accuracy is greatly improved

5. OXO Good Pancake Grips Precision Mixer Batter Dispenser

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This OXO kitchen appliance is a versatile pancake batter mixer that is suitable for many different types of cakes. It is described as one of the most efficient and affordable items to give your family a variety of dishes such as pies, pancakes, cupcakes, crepes, and even a lot of other unique dishes. In addition, the neutral colors are combined delicately making the product become suitable for pretty much the different spaces inside your home.

Not stopping there, it is made up of high-quality materials to ensure that it will accompany your family for a relatively long time. Equally important, it is designed to be quite ergonomic and lightweight, so you can simply take it with you on outdoor trips. Finally, the lines and parameters clearly shown on the body of the product will give you precision when processing.

Product Features:

  • Accuracy is optimized
  • Neutral colors are suitable for many different spaces
  • Easy to install or disassemble
  • Customer service is relatively good
  • The design is both simple and elegant

4. Chef Buddy Pancake Gourmet Stainless Batter No Drip Mixer Dispenser

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This Chef Buddy kitchen appliance is an elegant pancake batter mixer that adds elegance and sophistication to your dining spaces. Therefore, it is described as both an effective household appliance and a unique decoration. Plus, the unique structure is one of the most outstanding features of this item compared to other competing products on the market today. Thanks to its special design and convenience, it makes many beginners feel extremely easy to use it.

With just a few basic operations, you can gain dough with the ideal smoothness. Therefore, it saves you a considerable amount of time and effort. With this pancake batter mixer, you will be supported to be faster, more regular, and smoother. It not only saves time or effort for the person making it but also ensures the quality of dishes made from dough mixed well, dough not dried and infused with spices.

Product Features:

  • The design is classy and elegant
  • Appearance is shiny and glossy
  • Suitable for many different spaces
  • Using area is relatively spacious
  • The material is premium and sturdy

3. Exultimate Grey Bottle Mixer Batter Pouring Pancake Pen Dispenser

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This fancy gray designed product is a compact pancake batter mixer from the Exultimate brand. In particular, you do not need to take too much effort, you only need to measure the ideal amount of flour and pour it into the container, then the dough mixing faster, more evenly, and much smoother thanks to this unique structure. Equally important, all the materials that make up this product are highly durable in an eye-catching form to serve your family for quite a long time.

More than just making pancakes, this exciting product is also compatible with preparing other dishes like cupcakes, crepes, and even waffles. This seems perfect for the different needs of every member of your family. Last but not least, stuffing dough with this specialized equipment will ensure the dough and the ingredients are mixed well and blended together.

Product Features:

  • It is quite cheap compared to competing products on the market
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Convenient to clean regularly
  • Material is high-end and durable
  • The design is both simple and sophisticated

2. Chicago Metallic Pancake Cupcake Mixer Batter Dispenser

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With the help of this unique pancake batter mixer from Chicago Metallic, making different cakes will no longer be difficult for you. Plus, it is made of durable and premium materials, ensuring that it will work well year after year without any sign of significant damage. With the lines and parameters printed on the body of the device, you can easily identify and measure the ideal amount of dough for your dishes. 

Not only that, but it is also a delicate design so that every user feels comfortable and easy to use. All you need to do is a few basic operations. Its appearance will make your family’s meals much richer and more attractive. Additionally, it also has the ability to save you both time and effort extremely effectively. Moreover, its usable area is quite spacious so you can knead a large amount of dough at once.

Product Features:

  • The color scheme is elegant and sophisticated
  • Easy to measure or clean
  • Using area is relatively spacious
  • The handle is simple to use and control
  • The price is quite affordable

1. Houzemann Cups Perfect Pancake Baking Tool Pink Silicone Dispenser Batter Mixer

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The last pancake batter mixer on this list comes from Houzemann. It has an extremely cute and eye-catching color scheme. In addition to giving you the utmost support in your kitchen work, this product is also introduced to be able to play an important role in becoming an interesting gift that you can give to your loved ones or your friends.

Besides, it is equipped with a handle for you to control and use the easiest way without any obstacles. What is more, many parts of this unique home appliance can be removed smoothly. This is both convenient for you to clean the device regularly, and makes it compact to be stored at times when you do not need it.

Product Features:

  • Colors are cute and fancy
  • The structure is durable and sturdy
  • The design is unique and interesting
  • Simple and convenient to clean regularly
  • Customer service is quite good


A pancake batter mixer would eliminate many common problems while baking, so you could get back to enjoying your cooking. Since everyone has different interests and requirements, it is important to consider carefully. This in-depth buying guide can help you narrow down the list and make an informed decision.

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