Top 10 Best Lunch Tray in 2020

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If you are living in a small house or apartment, space can be an important factor when it comes to furnishing and decoration. Fortunately, the market is full of portable and lightweight products that can help you equip your home without taking up too much space. And lunch trays are one of them. Specially designed with compact forms, they can be used as a mini version of the usual dining table in the kitchen. The surface is large enough to accommodate several dishes and beverages at the same time. More importantly, you can easily carry it around and enjoy your meals wherever you want, from the garden to the patio or even the bedroom. Keep reading the following guide to learn more about the top 10 best lunch trays in 2020.


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10. Winsome Natural Wooden Bed Tray, Foldable

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With a functional and classic design, the Winsome Serving food tray is one of our best-selling products.  It is made of natural solid wood and melamine top.  

You can easily leave your breakfast or favorite dish instead of the dining table. It brings you a new experience of getting bored of having a meal in the dining room every day. You can leave it on the floor as a lap serving tray for your eating, reading books, drawing things, writing, and having a coffee or tea. Not only that, but the Winsome tray is also greatly convenient for breakfast on the bed or outdoor in your patio.

In addition, the tray’s legs are foldable and the torched handle so it is completely easy to move around and store anywhere. The Frame is made by natural solid wood, the top melamine in white color; therefore, there is no difficulty for you to clean it. Last but not least, it is a great space saver with tray measures approximately 21.80″W x 13.90″D x 2″ H when folded and 8.94″ H when standing

Product features

  • Portable with foldable legs and torched handles
  • Simple to clean melamine top
  • Multi-function using desk
  • Nice solid wooden frame
  • Space saver

9. Greenco Foldable Bamboo Serving Tray, Laptop Desk, Breakfast Table

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There is a mass of choices for your Serving Lunch tray on the market. Greenco bamboo tray will leave you satisfied. It is specially designed with a beautiful and elegant style. Not only that but it also sturdier than normal wood ones since it is made of natural bamboo.

This Greenco product is perfect to use as a breakfast tray, working desk with the laptop, drawing, reading, and writing at home, or even hotels, hospitals.

On top of that, you can easily pack or store. The foldable legs make it more convenient to move and packed its special surrounding lips to stop the foods from falling off. Both sides handle design helps you to lift up and put down the tray easily. Thus, it is also ideal for your picnic, Carrying foods, and cups to the table, and vegetable or bread holders. You should use the mild soap to wash it by hand and use bamboo oil occasionally for a long-lasting time

Product features

  • Portable with foldable legs
  • Well-made from 100% natural bamboo
  • Beautify design
  • Easy to carry things by cut- out handles
  • Surface dimension:  20″ L x 12″ W and standing size 9″ H

8. Winsome White Wooden Ventura Tray, Foldable, Natural

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Winsome Wooden serving Tray is a multi-purpose tool that you can use as a breakfast tray on the bed or meals serving tray in front of the TV. It has an eye-catching look from the wooden frame and the top is white melamine, it helps you clean the tray easily. Besides, its foldable legs make this tray very portable. You can store it anywhere to get more space for your house.

At the same time, the top can be tilted whenever you want to use laptops or working which your back won’t be tired from sitting in the wrong position. You won’t face any difficulty with the surrounding tray lip. The whole tray can be opened so you can easily carry things on it. What is more, you can easily carry the tray without worrying about the notched handles. Therefore, it is a compact must-have in your house. For better long-lasting, you should use damp cloths when cleaning.

Product features

  • Foldable legs
  • Fliped and tilted laminate top
  • Stylish look
  • Multipurpose tray
  • Notched handles

7. Winsome Natural Wooden Sherwood Serving Tray

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Having breakfast on the bed would be interesting to start your new day. With the classic design from Solid wood and Melamine top, plus cut-out handles. Sherwood Serving Tray is the perfect option for your breakfast in bed. it is well-constructed from Solid wood and melamine so it is easy to clean the stains. the materials are not only light but also sturdy. Moving and lifting the trays becomes easier with its cut-out handles. Also, the legs are folded so you can simply place it wherever you want and easily store it.

This Serving tray table can be used as a breakfast tray, laptop desk, reading. It is even great for carrying things like books, small stuff with the raised side handles. You will find out it is convenient for the kids to sit in the same place to play and eat without scrawling or running around with toys.

Product features

  • Easy mobility with foldable legs
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy and light construction
  • Convenient to carry things with cut-out handles
  • Completely assembled

6. Home-it Bamboo Bed Tray With Foldable Legs

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Being made of Environmental bamboo with foldable legs, Bamboo Bed Tray is not only a multi-function tool but also used as a beautiful holder. It set up on your bed as a breakfast bed tray. With the space under the top of the table, the legs can be folded tidily. Plus, the raised side handles. It is perfect to use as a kitchen utensil, food holder for the party, or simply carry the cutlery or eating tools to the party table.

Moreover, the surrounding lip stops things in the tray falling off. Durable features cannot be missed on this tray as the natural products. Cleaning the table is completely easy and simple as its nice smooth surface.  To lengthen the tray’s life, bamboo oil can be used alongside a mild soap solution.

Products features

  • Durable and stronger by natural bamboo construction
  • Raised side handles
  • Easy to clean
  • Multi-function tray
  • Portable and decorative design

5. Greenco Handles Rectangle Serving Tray, Bamboo, Butler tray

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If you are looking for an eco-friendly classy serving tray for home, Greenco Handles Rectangle Serving Tray would become the perfect choice. Being constructed from 100% Natural Bamboo with the cut-out handles, it can hold bread, fruit, and vegetables you can carry the things to the table very easily and it is most ideal as a breakfast tray.

Moreover, with solid wood construction, the life of the tray has a longer serving life than other similar products. On top of that, also for hotels and resorts, this tray is an attractive addition for room service as it is convenient to carry, with side handles for easy grip. To lengthen the life of the tray, bamboo oil can be used alongside a mild soap solution. it measures 16.5 L x 10.5 L x 2.35 H.

Product features

  • Elegant and classic look
  • Made of from 100 % natural bamboo
  • Light and durable
  • Designed with a cut of handles
  • Very portable and space-saving

4. SONGMICS Multi-Function Foldable Desk, Adjustable Tilting, Floor Desk, Serving Tray, Natural Bamboo

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SONGMICS Multi-Function Foldable desk is an efficient and practical must-have tool. Being constructed from both natural bamboo and solid wood, it becomes studier and more attractive than the similar ones in the market. More important, it has a unique design with tilting one-part top so that you can leave the laptop or drawing for working without hurting your back from sitting in the wrong position. The other small fixed top can be used for a coffee cup, a note, or small stuff while working.

The storage drawer stores small items such as pens, USB, stickers. You don’t need to worry that the drawer would fall off when moving with its built-in magnet. The legs are not only foldable but also adjustable.  With the outstanding design, there is no doubt that you can use it for bed breakfast tray, working on wherever you like.

Product features

  • Tilted top to improve sitting position
  • Multi-function desk
  • Adjustable legs for the height
  • Bonus storage drawer
  • Portable design to save space

3. BirdRock Natural Bamboo Serving Tray with Curved Sides, Foldable legs

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BirdRock Natural Bamboo Serving Tray not only comes with excellent craftsmanship look but also a useful tool with many functions. The foldable legs make it simpler for moving to anywhere you want and storing easily. Being constructed from eco- friendly quality bamboo makes it sturdier and lightweight. The tray lips are rounded beautifully and high enough for holding a laptop, dishwares even the bowls and glasses.

It is great this amazing tool for breakfast in bed, keep the kitchen utensils, convenient food carrier with the cut- out handles, or even it is even very convenient for your kids to sit in one place instead of running around. Besides, it measures appropriately 20.5” W x 11.75” D x 2.75” H when folded and 10.5” H when standing, therefore, it is comfortable enough to put your legs in and pull your legs.

Product features

  • The design is Portable
  • Elegant design
  • 100% natural bamboo
  • Multi-function tool
  • Cut-out handles

2. Zhuoyue Bamboo Serving Tray, Lap Table for Meals, Floor table

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This eye-catching product is made of 100% environment bamboo with fine polish on, it becomes more elegant and classic. Stains are no longer problems. You can wipe and clean easier. This sturdy tray is can last longer than other products. Moreover, it is completely portable and space-saving with foldable legs. You can use it anywhere you like and easily stored. What is more, the surrounding lips hold the foods or things falling off.

On the other hand, the surrounding lips are not so high so it becomes perfect for laptops and books. This can be used as a breakfast serving tray in bed for your lazy relaxing time, simply read books or work with your laptop. This is even more practical for the elder who can not walk properly. It is ready to be used after being out of the box without assembly requires.

Product features

  • Portable with foldable legs
  • Convenient with surrounding tray lips
  • Elegant look and long-lasting with fine polish
  • Environmental bamboo construction
  • Fully assembled to save time

1. Greenco Bamboo Serving Tray And Bed Table Foldable Design

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Let add to your home a well-made environmental bamboo design as a multi-purpose tool. You will fully satisfy with our Greenco Bamboo Serving Tray. It is constructed from 100% natural bamboo and finely polished by bamboo color, therefore, this tray is not only sturdier and lighter but also more attractive. What is more, the legs folded up nicely under the tray and the raised side handles so it becomes handy and you can replace it as a serving tray, decorative food holders, or dishwashers.

it is great to use this tray as a breakfast serving tray in bed on your relaxing weekend instead of the dining table, reading books before bedtime, for the elder who cannot move a lot and kids when eating. To lengthen the life of the tray, bamboo oil can be used alongside a mild soap solution. Overall, Greenco Bamboo tray is a must-have compact for your home

Product features

  • Portable with foldable legs
  • Elegant bamboo design
  • Lightweight for easy transport
  • Multi-purpose tray
  • Perfect height to serve


The market provides a great collection of lunch trays. This guide can help you narrow down the list and make a better decision. Keep in mind to take into consideration important factors and choose the best one for your needs.

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