Top 7 Best Bamboo Bath Tray in 2020

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Increasing life makes the entertainment needs of people increasingly higher. With the help of many unique tools, you can now enjoy the many benefits of your home at the same time. Bamboo trays are the most effective items to help you immerse yourself in moments of relaxation. In particular, they are often combined with the bath so that you can take a dip while watching a movie and sipping a drink. Even some types of bamboo trays can be customized to help customers fit in the desired space. Equally important, tough materials are one of the top factors that make this item very popular.

Having a bamboo tray is not only useful for you in many different cases, but also makes the rooms in your home more elegant. Besides the combination with the bath, many bamboo trays are specially designed to fit the car interior. With this feature, you are free to enjoy drinks while driving. However, a bamboo tray is only perfect when it meets your needs. Keep reading the following objective reviews to choose the best tray.


List of the Best Bamboo Bath Tray kin 2020 on

7. Umbra Aquala Chrome Extendable Natural Caddy Bathtub Bamboo Tray

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The first item on this list is a bamboo tray with chrome frames made by Umbra. This unique structure assists you in installing the tray in different locations so you can take it with you wherever you go. The length of the tray can be adjusted making it almost suitable for any common tub size on the market today. In addition, some parts of this bamboo tray from Umbra are covered with a thin layer of silicon to ensure it stays fixed throughout its use. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about the risk of slippery anymore. That is also why this product is selected by many high-end spas to equip the bathroom.

In addition to the advantages listed above, the design is both modern and luxurious also creates a significant attraction to attract a lot of customers’ attention. After equipping this Umbra tray in your bathroom, you can comfortably take a dip in the tub and enjoy the most entertaining moments. You can even increase the romance by using this tray to hold a book and a good glass of wine. An outstanding feature that can not fail to mention of this tray is an integrated phone holder so you can have a bath while chatting with relatives and friends.


  • Eco-friendly and user-friendly materials
  • Hooks for loofahs and razors
  • Built-in soap dish
  • Holders for a wine glass and phone
  • High-quality chrome frames

6. ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Brown Bamboo Tray Luxury Caddy Bathtub with Soap Holder

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The second item on this list is a bamboo tray from ROYAL CRAFT WOOD. It is introduced to own a style and size suitable for fitting to almost every type of bathtub popular in the market. Not only that, but the special structure also helps you maximize the adjustment of the tray for proper use. All you need to do a few simple steps without any cumbersome tools. Besides, the manufacturer also describes this as a tray that is both modern and luxurious to bring elegant lines to the rooms in your house. This wonderful shelf assists you in ordering a cup of tea or a cup of coffee, even a glass of fine wine to sip while soaking in the tub.

Equally important, the relatively large area of ​​use is suitable to place a book or a large-screen tablet, giving you moments of lively and fun entertainment. One of the best advantages of this bamboo tray is that it is made from extremely durable materials to ensure a long time to accompany your family. These materials are both environmentally friendly and do not harm the user, so you and other family members can feel secure during use. Moreover, noble and elegant colors create contrast in the bathroom, making the customer experience more interesting. Last but not least, it is designed with many different trays. Therefore, you can put lots of things at the same time such as shower gel, soap, coffee, wine, phones, and even vases to decorate.


  • Modern and elegant design
  • Luxurious and durable materials
  • Adjustable size to meet different needs
  • There are multiple holders
  • Waterproof cover for long-lasting use

5. Trotinic Extending Natural Bamboo Premium Luxury Adjustable Holder Tray Organizer

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Unlike sophisticatedly designed products with intricate motifs, this Trotinic bamboo tray offers a simple and rustic beauty. This gives your bathroom delicate and elegant lines in the design style of minimalism. In addition, the stable structure of the tray gives you the peace of mind that it will not slip down the tub during use. Therefore, you absolutely feel free to place a book or a large-screen tablet on the tray for entertainment.

Besides the mentioned features, the customizable size of the bamboo tray from Trotinic is an advantage not to be missed. You can freely increase or decrease the length of the tray to fit it in a variety of bathtub sizes. And yet, it is this feature that helps you to store when you are not using the product. That makes it easy for you to place the tray in different areas of your home without taking up too much space. Equally important, the special structure of this bamboo tray makes it easy to be assembled in an extremely short period of time. You only need to perform a few basic steps to be free to use.


  • The pegs can be easily removed
  • Stable and sturdy design
  • There is a phone slot
  • The holder is crafted from high-quality glass
  • Adjustable pad stand

4. Bambusi Luxury Bamboo Expandable Bathtub Tray Non-slip Caddy with Holders

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This product is a luxurious bamboo tray from Bambusi with a unique design that can be installed to fit most of the most popular bathtub types today. The frame is made of high-quality bamboo materials to ensure durability. Therefore, it will accompany you and your family for a relatively long time without any damage. And yet, the outside of the item is painted a waterproof layer to give you more peace of mind when using it in the bathroom. Another great feature of this bamboo tray is its relatively large usage surface, so you can put many items on it at the same time. This optimizes your leisure and relaxation moments or any other family member.

On top of that, a sturdy stand with a stainless steel frame holds the book or tablet on hold so you can read and watch movies while soaking in the hot water and soap bubbles. Not only that, but it also supports you to contain a lot of other items such as mobile phones, snacks, soap, essential products in the bathroom, and even scented candles. With these candles, you are free to make the bathroom space more romantic and seductive than ever. This bamboo tray of Bambusi is introduced as an ideal product for you to buy and make gifts for those you love. And yet, this is also an ideal wedding gift for couples to enjoy their honeymoon together.


  • The cover is non-slip
  • There are many convenient slots
  • The size can be extendable
  • Made of durable materials
  • Good customer services

3. Royal Craft Wood Serving Natural Bamboo Luxury Tray Bathtub Caddy Accessories Set

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This modern bamboo bath tray from Royal Craft Wood is a great solution to store all your essentials on top. You can keep many things at the same time you want to carry while you relax in the tub. All the things you need to do is grabbing this bathtub tray, and then preparing yourself for great comfort during your bubble bath. Besides, the large usable area is capable of containing everything like snacks, fruits, mobile phones, glasses, or other things you want to bring while you relax in the bath. In addition, the walnut color coating makes it a modern and elegant tray. With this bathtub tray, you can enjoy snacks and read without fear of falling into your bathtub.

In addition to the unique features outlined above, this bamboo tray has the Arms of the caddy that slides in after use for easy, compact storage. So you can comfortably store it in many different areas without worrying about occupying a lot of areas. It has a slot on the right-hand side, where you can place a small bottle of wine on the surface of this bamboo tray. Moreover, the product helps the bathroom to be decorated in a natural and environmentally friendly style. Last but not least, the product will not deform for a relatively long time, and it is also easy to be cleaned regularly.


  • Available in many natural colors
  • There is a lot of slots
  • Durable and premium materials
  • There are multiple holders
  • Adjustable length to use in different ap[lications

2. Homfa Bamboo Adjustable Caddy Extending Sides Bathtub Table Tray

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This Homfa bathroom tray is made entirely of natural bamboo to give you a sense of closeness to nature and the environment, as well as to enhance the elegant lines in your home. Not only that, but these extremely durable materials also ensure that the product will accompany you and your family for a relatively long time without any damage. In addition, this Homfa item is designed in a modern style to fit all current bathtubs. Another great feature that cannot be missed is the relatively wide usage surface of this bamboo tray that helps you to put many items at once.

On top of that, with the unique structure of the bathroom tray, the storage of coffee cups and other necessities for bathing is no longer a problem. You can also order a tablet to listen to music, watch movies, and put a few scented candles to make the space more romantic. And yet, you can completely adjust the length of this tray to optimize its storage capacity. Equally important, the appearance of the product is coated with a special compound to keep it fixed during use, avoiding the risk of slippery. With this feature, you no longer have to worry about your electronics falling into the water.


  • Natural and eco-friendly materials
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Multifunctional tray with many slots
  • Bathtub stand
  • Unique soapbox

1. Wooden-Life Bathtub Foldable Legs Caddy Wisdom Design Extending Tray

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The final product of this list is an extremely versatile multifunctional tray from Wooden-Life. The foldable legs allow you to turn this tray into a convenient, compact table. One of the most important features of this item is that it is made from waterproof material to ensure durability for the user. This gives you the peace of mind that the product will be with your family for a long time without a problem. In addition, silicon layers are covered in some parts to ensure that the tray will be firmly held in the desired position. You can use it as a birthday gift, a wedding gift, or a Christmas present because most people can take advantage of the amazing features that this item brings.

Equally important, this all-new, high-quality shower tray from Wooden-life is perfect for enjoying your shower time. With this product, you will comfortably enjoy relaxing moments in an extremely luxurious space by just soaking in a tub of water and sipping a cup of excellent tea. Not only does it contain the essentials for bathing, but this tray is also suitable for storing candles to add romance to the surrounding space.


  • Foldable legs for added flexibility
  • Multi-purpose desk
  • Adjustable size
  • Crafted from renewable materials
  • Many holders for added storage space


Bamboo trays to equip the bathroom are becoming more and more popular. They give users an enjoyable and relaxing experience. We hope the above reviews can help you buy a suitable tray. Make sure to take into consideration important features and your personal preferences as well.

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